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Personal Training


We would be delighted to have a chat how we can create the perfect personal training package , please give us a call on 0845 269 5937 or email

We come to you, whether it be your home, local park or office, bringing all equipment necessary, and when training indoors, only require a floor space the size of a mat to work on. We cover all London and rest of the UK .


  • Energy Flow
  • Padwork fitness
  • Total Body Conditioning
  • Martial Arts/Self-defence
  • Kettlebell training
  • Clubbell training
  • Macebell training
  • Qigong
  • Yoga
  • Circuit training
  • Medicine ball training
  • Bootcamps
Energy Flow:- This is a whole body system of training, using methods taken from Qigong (energy cultivation techniques) and Yoga training from the martial arts, incorporating ground and upright postures. The training uses static postures, as well as, flowing movements, which allows for an unbreakable flow from any given position!
Padwork fitness:- This is a medium-high impact training system of training, using methods taken from various martial arts! You will release stress and tension from mind and body, whilst burning a high number of calories too..........................extremely popular!
Total Body Conditioning:- This is a system of training, using bodyweight exercises to develop your cardio, strength, core and flexibility! This can be mixed to go from low-high impact training all within the session!
Martial Arts/Self-Defence:- This is a training system based on Martial Arts from South East Asia, Russia, Africa and Greece! This can be taught to men, women and children. These training methods will help to build self-confidence, improve concentration, along with, develop a calm state of mind too! Best to be offered as a course (eg, 1x1.5 hour session per week for 6 weeks).
Kettlebell training:- The Kettlebell training taught is from my training with the #1 Ranked teacher from Latvia, who is a 7x consecutive world champion! You will learn many different exercises, which will improve your cardio, strength, flexibility and joint of the quickest ways to get ultra fit and strong and lean!
Clubbell training:- The clubbell training taught will definitely challenge those who wish to improve there overall strength, flexibility, joint mobility and core strength. The circular movements used works hand in hand with Kettlebell training, creating a very balanced approach to total body fitness!
Macebell training:- This is a fantastic way to challenge your body and mind! Moving the Macebell will work the whole body which will develop your strength, mobility, flexibility and cardio to new levels! You just have to try out this training!
Qigong:- The Chinese developed Energy cultivation methods known as Qigong! The system taught is made up of famous and very rare exercises, to increase energy levels, improve blood circulation, bring balance to the body and develops a strong posture too, to name a few of the benefits. The approach also has a great affect on the mind too, developing a more positive outlook on life, along with having a very calming affect throughout!
Yoga:- The Yoga taught is taking from the Martial Arts systems studied. This would be the softer approach, creating a more supple body, offering protection against injury, along with a deeper knowledge of the body, through movement! The training of postures are performed whilst using breath control, ending with deep breathing and relaxation techniques! 
Circuit training:- Well known for delivering a balanced workout! The Circuit training offered will include lots of training methods from old school fitness, modern ideas, as well as, using a variety of exercise equipment too! This can also be offered as 1-2-1, and small groups too..........why not train with your family and friends!
Medicine ball fitness:- The training taught here, uses the medicine ball in many different an challenging ways! Lots of drills and exercises are used to train the whole body, incorporating cardio, strength and balance too!
All of the above can be offered in a pick'n'mix package, allowing people to engage In the many ways of keeping fit and healthy! Variety within your workouts are what keeps you and the body/mind interested! This approach will also deliver faster, as well as, longer sustainable results too!

Prices :

1 single hour : £85

Package of 5: £75 each

Package of 10: £70 each



Our trainers :

Yan Sophokleous



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