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5 Day Boot Camp

To book please give us a call on 0845 269 5937 or email


Your body. Your place. Your time.

When you have only one week left. One week until you need to look fit, feel firm and turn yourself around. Choose The 5 Day Bootcamp with Yan.

The home fitness bootcamp is the most efficient life-changer in town.

Lose inches, increase your fitness levels, improve your body shape and feel like you want to show off. Dedicated 5 days - 1 hour a day - and feel the difference you can make.

In the privacy of your home Yan, our bootcamp fitness trainer, will develop 1 hour workouts that are challenging and refreshing.

The course is challenging and lasts for 5 days with each session taking place at the same time every day. It’s bespoke to you, your maximum level of fitness and training goals.

The overall exercise programme, designed to target the mind with consecutive high intensity one-on-one training includes weight training, aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic using kettle bells, club bells, medicine ball workouts and high energy yoga. You are given natural progressions and training to continue afterwards but follow-up home fitness bootcamp programmes are popular for those who require.

  • All BootCamp sessions will begin with a full personal consultation.
  • Yan, our Bootcamp Fitness Home Private Trainer will tailor the camp to your goals and work closely with you to achieve them.
  • Home training will allow you to develop a regular fitness regime, without the inconvenience of traveling to the gym.
  • We arrive fully equipped to your door.


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