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Luxury Milk & Almond Oil Pedicure

Mobile Pedicure , London


Sumptuous, relaxing and indulgent, the milk, honey and almond oil mobile pedicure is a truly luxurious experience.
Provided in the relaxed environment of your home, the mobile pedicure starts with the submersion of your soles in our specialised hot milk, almond oil and honey foot soak.  The exquisite combination of ingredients is rich in proteins and vitamins, ideal for soothing and refreshing tired feet. The lactic acid in milk has enzymatic exfoliating properties helping to loosen dead skin whilst the almond oil adds moisture.
Whilst your feet are soaking your cuticles are tidied, any hard skin is buffed away and then a sea salt scrub is applied. This is followed by a relaxing foot massage and finished with fresh nail varnish colour.
Treat your feet to the ultimate mobile pampering experience – they’ll definitely Thank you for it.


Pedicure at home or office available betveen 7am - 10pm , 7 days a week.

Same day services available within 3 hours.

Simply call us on  08452695937  or BOOK NOW



1 hour - £65




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