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Angels & Urchins

Angels & Urchins

Escape to a Beautiful Place

Last night I treated myself to a home facial. When you have a treatment at home you must think about the environment you want to be in. I deliberated whether I wanted a nice warm room (the sitting room with the fire on, because I hadn't thought to turn on the heating) but tht was next to my boys' playroom, where they were playing Playstation quite loudly. Or a chilly but quiet bedroom. I think I made the right decision and went for the warm and noisy room. In fact it didn't take long to block out the death throes' noises next door.

Zoe, my therapist, brought her own soothing music and incredibly comfy bed and before long I was away with the fairies in a beautiful place. You can choose any number of treatments, including make-up and hair care, massage and pedicures. I had one of the best facials I have ever had: she concentrated on massaging my face, head, back and shoulders - it was the ultimate de-stress. Heaven. Have booked another for six weeks' time. Note to self: next time, turn on the heating and light some smelly candles.

Bespoke vouchers available.